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Company nameKyoritsu Model Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
PresidentTakayuki Harada (Chairman) , Hideaki Umezawa (President)
Address8-16Minami Rokugo 1, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-045 Japan
Capital20 million yen
Number of Personal29
BanksBank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UJF, Ltd., Ebara Branch
"Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Gotanda Branch
Business outlineIntegrated operation from planning, designing to production of models and devices
Designing and production of a wide variety of products in small quantities
Production of technical illustrations
All business activities relating to the above items
Main company
October 1961
Founded as a general model production business in Nishikoyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

April 1992
Relocated to the present address (8-16 Minami Rokugo 1, Ota-ku, Tokyo) as our own factory

April 1994
Installed a laser beam machine

August 2004
"Monodukuri Kobo" was held by opening the factory to the public on Saturdays, Sundays
and holidays, as a local community get-together event
* Currently this activity is partially continued only for "weekdays and by undertaking
production of models at the factory

October 2009
Company name was changed to "Kabushiki Kaisha Kyoritsu Mokei (Kyoritsu Model Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In English)"

February 2010
3D rapid prototyping and manufacturing system was introduced

October 2010
The factory was refurbished

October 2011
Celebrating company's 50th year in business

Message from the president

Thanks to our customers, this year, the company celebrates our 58th year in business. We started our small business by producing ship models, then, we made a move to be a modeling company focusing on industrial engineering models. In particular, we have been highly appreciated by our customers as a leading company for producing energy-related industry models such as nuclear power plants and a variety of power generation turbines.

On top of technologies and skills of employees we have accumulated in our company history, we exert ourselves to secure quality, price and delivery time by introducing machines such as a "3D rapid prototyping and molding machine".

We, all employees, will continue to make every effort to earn stronger confidence from customers. Your continued business and support will be greatly appreciated.

Truly yours