Kyoritsu model of strength

only kyoritsu model can do

We are a group of professionals trained and cultivated in-house to be able to handle integrated process from production of models, molding and installing mechanism to electric control. With “models” produced by over twenty professionals, we assist you to realize your ideals.

What we provide are the products with highest-possible quality, which are the results of our thorough determination to focus on “Monodukuri (craftsmanship)” as professionals. To make our company useful in many industrial fields, we also work to provide aftercare and maintenance services with the utmost care. Since we have implemented strict system to protect customer’s confidentiality, you can be assured that placing your orders or making inquiries is completely safe.

We have over twenty specialized engineers to create models. Since we produce models in our own factory, precise requests from our customers are directly conveyed to those who produce the models, which enables us to provide highly satisfying products.

We are totally confident with the quality of our products. Most of the orders we receive are from customers who are introduced to us by other customers or repeat customers. We believe that is because we can provide products that are satisfying and live up to customers’ expectations.

We provide products with a high level of completion, results of our strong devotion to “Monodukuri” as a professional.

Since we produce not only models but also electric control systems in our factory, we are able to provide models that require staging control. So far, we have a long track record of producing scale models which work with lighting or images by digital control.

Our work does not finish as we deliver products, we can undertake maintenance of our products delivered to our customers as well. Only because we produce under full responsibility, we are proud of our aftercare and maintenance as well.

Our company has a reliable confidentiality management system, therefore, there is no leakage risk of customers’ confidential information. We have proven track record and trust from our customers regarding confidentiality. When you have a request or work that requires confidential handling, please feel free to contact us.